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Offering Affordable Typesetting for Indies and Publishers

Sept 2022: I no longer use InDesign.

Prices are subject to change due to complexity of the project.

Single Form (eBook OR Print)Word RangeSingle Project (eBook & Print)
$20Under 17k$40
$4017k to 40k$70
$6040k to 60k$90
$8060k to 80k$110
$10080k to 100k$130
$120100k to 120k$150
$130120k to 140k$160
Contact meOver 140kContact me
Custom Prices Current As Of 01/2023
Standard Formatting — Not every book is suitable for this option$50
Image Handling—each.50
Updating Front/Back Matter$20
Per Hour Fee$20
Prices Current As Of 04/2023

For payments: US clients, I recommend Zelle. It is part of your banking app. For non US clients, Paypal is available. Venmo & Cashapp are available as well.

The best way to contact me is

What Do I Do—

I handle submission formatting and the interior formatting of books. My job is to make sure the interior of your book follows house style guides and looks good in eBook/print or submissions.

What Do I Not Do—

I do not do covers, editing, or proofreading.

I do not do children’s picture books.

What Formats Do I Do—

Ebook—Epub and Mobi

Print—paperback and hardback

My files pass the requirements of all major retailers including IngramSpark, KDP, Smashwords, and many others.

You are sending me the final file. These are NOT the draft files with expectation of fixing them later. Changes, even on a minor scale, can affect page count/layout. Please have your front matter, book, and back matter laid out the way you want. If you don’t know about these things, please ask so that I can help you prior to you sending me the file.

Please have all images labeled. Scenebreak for an image you want as a scene break or Chapter1 and Chapter1a if there are multiple images in a chapter and have those spots labeled in your work [Chapter1] [Chapter4c] or noted in conversation “I would like the image scenebreak used for all *** scene breaks.” Images should be in PNG or JPEG. You can have the images in the Word doc, but please send the individual images as well.

Any changes due to lack of final files (IE you leaving out a CTA/Dedication or spelling errors you, your proofer, or the editor didn’t catch) or front matter/back matter updates are subject to a $20 per hour fixing fee with a minimum of $20 billed.

If your book is not ready (sending it in various pieces or forgetting parts), you will be moved out of queue, and once I have all the pieces, you will then be shifted to the next available opening which could be days/weeks from the date you finish sending me the files/images/CTAs. You wouldn’t want someone else to hold up formatting your work, and so my only fair option is to remove you from queue until you are ready.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I had KH Formatting format my holiday novella. Since I was a first time author, Kari took the time to walk me through the formatting process and answered my questions. When I received my manuscript back, Kari did an excellent job of transforming it into a polished book interior. I will be using her again, and recommend using her to relieve yourself of the extra stress of figuring out formatting.


  2. Hi. I’m interested in your formatting services. I have looked over your rates and would like to provide you some information relating to my current 3 book project for a quote. What is the best way for me to do this?

    Thank you,
    Patti Lowman


  3. Kari is an excellent formatter. I will never need to find another. She takes my manuscript and makes it organized. She is always close by if I need to have something tweaked. I have used her on all of my books once I found her and will continue to do so. Stellar work!


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